Elections inside and outside Iraq great succes

The elections in Iraq are considered a great succes throughout the world. Not only in the country Iraq but also outside many Iraqis took their democratic rights to vote for these first democratic elections.

(Photo: oldest voter in Quom)
USA Today wrote: "Monica Ellena, spokeswoman in Tehran for the International Organization for Migration, which organized out-of-country voting for Iraqis in 14 nations, said anyone who observed an irregularity was entitled to file a complaint.
More than 60,000 Iraqis registered to vote in Iran, the highest number outside Iraq. Most went to Iran in the early 1980s to flee Saddam's regime. By Saturday, 67% of them had voted, Ellena said."

And further: "Of those registering in Iran, the largest group, 21,000, registered in Qom, said Ans Zwerver, a former Dutch senator. More than half had voted by Saturday, she said. But several hundred people waited patiently to cast ballots Sunday in the Najaf center."

The complete article can be read on the website www.usatoday.com

Here some more photo's of the polling stations:

* Photo's by Serena Alborghetti *

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