Second Day Figures for Registration in Out-of-Country Vote

In I.R Iran Iraqis registered in the stations set up in six cities: Tehran
3,442 - Qom 3,002 - Orumiyeh 478 - Kermanshah 330 - Ahvaz 1,145 - Mashhad

Tehran, I.R. Iran: A total of 9,185 expatriate Iraqis have registered to vote in the Islamic Republic of Iran on the first two days of registration for the International Organization for Migration's Out-of-Country Voting (OCV) Program for Iraq's Transitional National Assembly Election.

On 17 January, Iraq OCV opened 12 registration centres in I.R. Iran with a total of 70 stations. Similarly registration facilities opened in 13 other countries hosting the Program across the Middle East, North America, Europe and Australia. Registration is necessary for any expatriate Iraqi wanting to participate in the Out-of-Country Vote. Facilities will be open every day from 08:00 to 17:00, until 23 January.
"It has been an enormous challenge to set up registration and polling facilities in 6 cities across the Islamic Republic of Iran - stated Kate Pryce, Head of Country. "But we have met the deadlines, now we sincerely hope that Iraqis residing in Iran will show their interest by registering to vote in this historic election. The response of Iraqi people in the first two days has been very positive, we hope it will continue in the coming days."

To be deemed eligible to participate in the Out-of-Country Voting Program, Iraqis have to prove their identity, their Iraqi nationality, and must have been born on, or before, 31 December 1986. In all the 14 countries they must present at least two acceptable forms of documentation to registration officials. This could include a passport, or any other relevant document issued by a state, state agency or international institution.
Once people have successfully registered to vote, they will be issued with a registration receipt which they must present on polling day, together with a photo ID. Voters must return to the same station they registered in to cast their vote. Polling takes place from 28 to 30 January, with the last day coinciding with Election Day in Iraq.
IOM is conducting an OCV Program on behalf of the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI). The IECI is the exclusive electoral authority for the Iraq elections. It is an independent, non-partisan body, which has the authority to legally enforce rules and procedures relating to elections held throughout the Transitional Period.
In the first two days of registration in OCV countries registered 41,976 Iraqis: Australia 2,638 - Canada 1,637 - Denmark 2,271 - France 127 - Germany 2,416 - Islamic Republic of Iran 9,185 - Jordan 1,902 - The Netherlands 1,878 - Sweden 4,498 - Syria 3,037 - Turkey 1,034 - United Arab Emirates 2,297 - United Kingdom 3,810 - United States of America 5,246.
For full information on registration locations, voter eligibility criteria, or procedures for becoming accredited to observe or cover Iraq OCV's registration, polling and counting processes, please visit

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