Busy days at the UNOPS compound

All the District Field Coordinators are back in Qala-i Naw. They identified and trained the polling station staff.

We have 127 district field coordinators. Our total number of polling centers is 173.
Those 173 have a total of 528 polling stations. 60 of these polling stations are especially for Kutchi's.
Every polling station has a staff of 6 people. Our district field coordinators trained a total of 3180 polling station staff.


Now it is time again for more training for the district feld coordinators. After polling, they will come back with there ballot boxes to the count center in Qala-i-Naw. There they will be the ones who will do the counting. Here they are getting a training in counting procedures.


These days are also used to relax a bit. Most of the district field coordinators will be on the road from the 14th of september onwards, in order to be on time for opening their polling center at 06.00 on election day (18 September).


In another part of the compound, preparations are ongoing for the loading of the trucks.
The Kutchi's use this opportunity to come to my office. After the elections, I was promised, they will take me to their tents for a good meal. We'll see.

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