Counting of the votes

After the retrieval of the ballot boxes, we had to count all the ballot papers. It was a lot of work. In the Count Center we established 16 count units.
The results of Badghis can be found on


Andrey, our Count Officer, is explaining to the governor how the counting process is conducted.


All the candidates with their agents wee allowed to observe the counting. This was not always easy. Some of our candidates wanted to interfere in the process because they were under the impression that the count was not done in a fair and transparant manner.

I had a daily meeting with the candidates to inform them about the counting procedures, and - more importantly - to maintain a safe and secure environment for all the people involved in the counting process.


In general, we did not encounter too many difficulties. Tensions araised when we had to wait a long time before the results were displayed on the website.


The counting ended the 30th of October. Now the waiting is for the Complaint Committee in Kabul, to decide on all the ballot boxes we had to put in quarantaine.


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