The Provincial Count Center: we are getting ready!

Counting is an essential part of elections. In my province we could not find a suitable place for counting. That meant that we had to build our own counting center. As you can see from the pictures, we started from nothing.


This is how the place looked like, before we were building our Counting Center. There was simply nothing. It was an open area next to "Airport Qala-i-Naw". When a plane lands in Qala-i-Naw, the pilot first flies low over the landing strip to chase the donkeys away and to warn the people. The plane goes up in the air again and the second time it will land.


The tents are there. We will do the counting in eight tents. There are not only tents for counting. Water has to be there, a praying room (tent), toilets, data entry, over night facilities, catering, generators etcetera.


All the ballot boxes have to be labelled, packed with the materials for the Polling Stations. It is a lot of work. Here you see Tyrone, our provincial logistic coordinator, with his team, labelling the ballot boxes.


In order to work in a secure area, a wall needed to be build. This work is still in progress. We will have a wall around the whole center within five days.


It is not only ballots, ballot boxes and polling material what we are going to transport to our polling stations. Also chairs, tables, tents need to find there way to the polling stations.


Work is still in progress.


Mukhtar, our national logistic coordinator, is the spill behind everything. Without him we would not have been able to move so fast. He is great!

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