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We Europeans do not really play a central role in the current discussions about Europe, though. This is not merely the fault of governments that would prefer to make all political decisions among themselves without interference. The fault also lies with us; European citizens who do not make their voices heard on a European level, who demand too little and remain uninvolved.

EUROPE! the multi-language Magazine for European Politics, Economy and Culture will attempt to change this attitude. This new, pan-European monthly magazine will be a platform for all those who already view themselves as Europeans as well as for those who wish to become Europeans. It will reflect real European life in politics, economics and culture.

This Homepage introduces a project that can only succeed with your support and help. We will begin publishing EUROPE! as soon as we have 20,000 positive responses from potential readers. Don't believe anyone claiming that pan-European media and opinion cannot exist because too many languages are spoken in Europe. Help to make such media possible! How? Simply answer our questionnaire and tell your friends about our website. EUROPE! needs you!

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