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GroenLinks discussed the results of the last EU Council on the Convention on Saturday 26th of June. A national referendum is to be held, probably next year, on the latest version of the Convention settled last weekend in Brussels

On the agenda now is the advice GroenLinks will give to the voters on this subject. Joost Lagendijk: "The wheeling and dealing shouldn't continue otherwise there would be left almost nothing of the improvements in the original text of the Convention." For GroenLinks there are a few major deterioriations in the new text. The party blames the dutch right-wing government in being "destructive" and demonstrating "political vandalism". See (if you read dutch).

The Forum divided the Constitution text in 6 parts and compared each to the status quo. Whereas the possibility of a defence 'kopgroep' was seen as a risk, and the persisting national vetoes in social security, (environment) taxes, foreign policy, security and defence as missed opportunities, the improvements in the position of the citizens and the European Parliament were warmly welcomed and the new Minister of Foreign Affairs and the possibility of Europe wide lists seen as an opportunity.
The final judgement however, that was to be 'richtinggevend' for the party council, was not given. This will happen in september when the partijraad will meet.

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