EU Election Observation Mission- Ethiopia 2005

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On the 15th of May the people in Ethiopia can elect a new parliament.
The European Union is sending 100 short term observers and 50 long term observers to Ethiopia.

I am one of the long term observers and will be in Ethiopia from the 15th of April till the 15th of June.

On my site you can read about my whereabouts in Ethiopia.

Information on the EU mission can also be found on the site of the European Union Electoral Observation Mission- Ethiopia 2005

The European Union Electoral Observation Mission (EU-EOM) is in the country invited by the Government and the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE).
Ana Gomes , a Portuguese national and member of the European Parliament, is the Chief of Mission.

The Mission 's general mandate is to accompany the electoral process in order to encourage its transparency and the citizen's confidence on the political rights linked to the vote. A memorandum of understanding, signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the NEBE, will guarantee the freedom of movement of the observers throughout the country and also access to election officials and information during the election process. On its part, the European Union will ensure that the observers respect the country's sovereignty, laws and regulations, including the code of conduct for the election process, meaning that the observer will not interfere in the process. The final report will be delivered to the electoral authorities at the end of the process.

The observation activities are basically divided up into three components: Pre-Election Days, Election Day, and Post-Election Days. During the first stage, observers will contact local government and electoral officials, political parties' representatives and candidates, and the citizenry in general. During Election Day, they will observe the entire electoral act from the set up of polling stations and voting to closing and counting of ballots. The post-Election Day activities will follow the counting and announcement of results.
The European Electoral Observation Mission has its headquarters in Addis Ababa and 26 deployment stations throughout the country.

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