Afghanistan, here I come (again)

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On september 18 there will be provincial and parliamentary elections in Afghanistan.

On the 29th of June I will leave for Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan I will be a Provincial Election Coordinator.
The Provincial Election Coordinator (PEC) is an electoral official appointed by the Joint Election Management Body to conduct genuine elections in accordance with guidelines issued by the JEMB. The PEC is a management position heading the election unit and coordinating all election activities at provincial level.

The Bonn Agreement provided for the conduct of elections as an important and concluding component of the transition era. One critical step was taken successfully with the Presidential Election 2004. Afghan National Assembly and Provincial Council Elections will take place in 2005. The Joint Election Management Body (JEMB) and its Secretariat are the two institutions created by the Afghan government and the United Nations to organize the 2004 and 2005 elections.

To give you an idea what I am going to do, here are my main duties and resposibilities:

· Assume responsibility as the Head of the Provincial Election Office, including the day to day management of the office and supervision of staff;
· Manage a team of a National Provincial Election Coordinator (NPEC), a Provincial Logistics Coordinator, Provincial Security Officers, an Administration Officer, a Training Officer, a Civic Educator and other provincial staff to implement the election operation in the respective province;
· Build the capacity of the NPEC and other national staff in accordance with electoral law, JEMB Secretariat HQ instructions and international standards in order that the NPEC assumes responsibility for future election operations;
· Sit as a non-voting member on the Provincial Election Commission;
· Liaise with political entities including candidates and parties regarding candidate nominations and vetting;
· Coordinate with UN agencies and other international agencies/bodies on electoral and security related issues;
· Provide periodic reports to HQ on election activities;
· Maintain a continuous evaluation of Election Office activities;
· Ensure that the election operation in the respective province is implemented cohesively according to instructions from JEMB HQ;

On this website I will keep you updated with my activities in the field.

I will be back somewhere in october.


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Hoi Ans,

Hoorde van Farah dat je een long term contract hebt. En in Afgh. gefeliciteerd. je hebt mn email dus als je terug bent geef een gil.

groet, Annick

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