Respect and Honour to the Victims of War Must Prevail

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Ans Zwerver, Chief of Cabinet to the Office of the Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH Ambassador Douglas Davidson, met with Sinanovic Suhra and Rizvanovic Kadifa, representatives of "Women of Podrinje" organisation in Sarajevo today.

missionans.jpg"Victims of war in BiH must be treated humanely and with respect. The BiH State, and its entities, must ensure that its domestic laws, to the greatest extend possible, provide justice to the victims and their families", said Mrs Zwerver.

The loss of the families of the victims of war must be recognised. The OSCE Mission to BIH firmly stands on the side of those whose basic human rights have been violated. The attempts to ignore the victims, regardless of their ethic background, and their families will only deepen frustration, disappointments and division amongst the citizens of BiH.

"The responsible bodies must reach the solution as soon as possible. Some of the families of victims of war have been waiting for years to bury their beloved ones in a dignified manner", concluded Mrs Zwerver.

Sarajevo, 20 April 2007


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